The first creations by TYP

Our first handmade fair of this spring

Spring is all about ferment, we all know that. Nature weaks up, everything changes and blooms in scents and colours. Here at The Yellow Peg the air of spring arrived too, bringing lots of juicy news!
It all began with a big move to a new city 300 Km away, then works in the new house, a new and exciting bet on the job side… definitely a new life! And The Yellow Peg now has officially its own headquarters in a (very) busy room in the heart of Verona.
After Easter, by the time we got rid of the last moving box, I was already super-busy working for the first handmade fair of this spring: the first chance for TYP creations to meet the world out there.
Well, I have to admit that a home-office brings pros and cons. You commute in zero time but you then end up working 24/7, with no breaks nor weekends. But if you do what you love to, it’s not that bad after all, right?!
Anyhow, roughly 20 days to get everything ready for the fair starting from scratch is not a piece of cake so then… ready? go! Drafting sewing patterns, checking muslins and sewing, sewing, sewing. And then labels, tags, thinking-about-how-to’s and so on and so forth.

Well… I survived (phew!) and then the fair started and I had 19 pieces ready for the public, so not too bad, uh? Now you must have realised why I haven’t posted anything in the blog for a while… but here I am, back to posting to tell you about this new adventure that has just started.

Despite the bad weather (rain, wind, cold… we had it all!), I am pretty happy with how it went. When you spend lots of energy in something you love and you find out that people understand and appreciate that… every single effort pays you back! So, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who came to say hi, no matter the weather. Thanks a lot!

And for people not living around or who couldn’t come, here’s our little wooden house set up for the fair:

I wanted to find some original way of showing my creations so, given my passion for wooden stuff, I managed to do some DIY between a blouse and a dress (do you like the ladder-to-clothes-rail transformation? :) ).
Too bad the weather hadn’t been nice except for the last day… so we had to bring everything on the inside and… get creative to let people know that with a funny sign:

Set up for the handmade fair with bad weather

And actually many people did come looking around in our little wooden house, but the real queens of the fair were our Cinnamon blouses: cotton & silk blouses with special seam finishes making them soft and comfy to wear. They have a loose style at waist and hips so that we can eat all the chocolate cake we want while always looking beautiful and chic! ;) When designing these blouses, I wanted something which could transfer the brio and freshness of TYP brand, so it was very funny to play around with colours and mix&match… we’re in the middle of spring after all, right?!

Now that the handmade fair is over, I’m back at work drafting some new patterns that I’ve been thinking about. Here’s a preview of the Lavender Dress (well, yes, as you may have guessed, I decided to name the patterns in this collection after spices and herbs!), a vintage-style dress inspired to the 50s:

The Lavender dress by The Yellow Peg

What do you think? I hope you like it!

Well… if you happen to live in the area, you are curious to see the blouses and dresses in person (and you want to give them a try!), you’ll find The Yellow Peg on May 28-29 at the handmade fair in Ponte Pietra, Verona. Oops… apparently there has been a change on the dates, sorry about that! The handmade fair in Ponte Pietra has been postponed to early July but there’s a new date confirmed: TYP will be at the Festival dell’handmade in Verona on the 19th of June. Follow my facebook page for all the details and updates!

That’s all for today’s post about the handmade fairs, see you soon with new posts about the online shop and how to build a DIY low-cost craft room you’ll never want to leave!

Ciao ciao!

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