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The yellow peg shop is now online with handmade clothing and accessories

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Aren’t you tired of shopping off the peg?

Don’t you feel like shopping differently? Like wearing something unique which represents who you really are? While buying from the big clothing chains is easy and cheap not only it has a huge impact on our planet’s health, it often fails in satisfying our needs. So we end up piling up clothes we wear once or twice before getting bored and just forgetting about them. Does any of this sound familiar?!

That’s why I feel the need of spreading the culture of wearing handmade. When we buy a handmade dress or accessory, we buy the passion and love of the person who made it, we buy the originality of the idea, the uniqueness of the creation, in other words we buy an actual story. And who ever gets tired of good stories? 🙂

The Yellow Peg was born from a dream: making fashion our personal statement. Bye bye shopping off the peg! Hurray to picking our clothes off the right peg! Each creation of my first collection is one-of-a-kind, so that you will always wear something unique and inimitable. Play mix&match and decide what best fits who you really are!

What can you find in the shop?

From dress-lovers to blouse-skirt-match addicts: there’s a TYP creation for everyone! Just one leit motiv: the vintage inspiration with a modern twist. Everything has a retro mood: from my cinnamon blouse, loose and comfortable to wear, to my lavender dress adding some brio to your summer days. You can play mix&match choosing the collar (pointed, peter pan or round flat collars) or the sleeve style (sleeveless, short or 3/4 sleeve) in a blouse, or selecting the skirt style (circle or gathered skirt) or the neckline (with collar or buttons) in a dress to your personal taste.

And how about colours? I really love them and I can’t resist playing to create different styles: from romantic to cheerful. Everything is made with high-quality fabrics (like cotton and silk in this year’s summer collection) and with carefully crafted details handmade with (lots of) love!

Where can you find typ?

If you feel like contributing to spreading the culture of wearing handmade and you like The YellowPeg‘s style, then there are many ways to buy my creations. If you live in Verona, you can come to my lab and see and try on clothing and accessories. Also, if you happen to live nearby, keep an eye on my Facebook page or follow me on instagram to know all about the handmade fairs and events I participate to.
If you live far away or you just can’t come to the fairs, no fear, now you can buy my creations directly on my online shop. I look forward to hearing your comments on my creations, ready to spread together the culture of wearing handmade!

Ciao ciao!

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