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The yellow peg online shop is coming soon: concept, plans and news

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Hello everyone!

By popular demand, in today’s post I’ll tell you a few things about the upcoming TYP online shop that will go live in a couple of months with vintage-inspired entirely-handmade clothing and accessories.

As you may have noticed, everything you can find on the shop page at the moment is just a nice “coming soon” sign, but hold on! I promise you’re going to have to wait just a bit more to see The Yellow Peg creations also on the web! The handmade fairs of this spring are absorbing 100% of my time and, as the production team consists in one single person (that’s me!), at the moment I can’t produce enough to cover both online and offline sales. Sorry! 🙁

But my plan is to go live with the Etsy shop this summer (all the items will be visible on this website anyway, and you’ll be linked to Etsy for shopping). So, sign up to the newsletter and don’t miss any buzz in the next few months!

In the meanwhile, I’d like to tell you something about the concept behind TYP creations. The motto is wear your dreams as not only we have to like what we wear but it also has to represent who we are, our personality, our aspirations. In my own experience of compulsive shopper :), I find it very difficult to achieve this unique combination relying on many of the big clothing retailers out there.

With TYP we can make fashion our personal statement! Why? Because every piece is unique, OOAK or made in a few pieces, that is each creation is different from the others. We are unique ourselves after all, aren’t we? And we want people to know that! 🙂

TYP clothing is made with carefully-selected fabrics, favouring natural fibres and vintage-inspired prints. We care about details to give you that little something that only handmade can offer. Finally, our patterns have a retro flavour while re-interpreting vintage in a contemporary fashion, i.e. proposing 50s/60s-like styles suitable for the modern day.

Are you a bit curious? Then, have a look at my very first creations in this post.

And if you share The Yellow Peg’s mood, keep following the updates liking my facebook page, so you won’t miss any news and will find out when the shop finally opens its cyberspace doors!

In my next post we’ll talk about how to build a low-budget craft room you’ll love. I’ll see you there!

Ciao ciao!

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