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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

Who said fashion has to be someone else’s statement? We need to feel comfortable in what we wear every day and the only way is choosing clothes and accessories which truly represent ourselves, which tell our story. “Make fashion your personal statement.”

Aren’t you tired of shopping off the peg? I am! Shopping have always been a passion of mine but over the years it turned more and more into a frustrating matter. Fashion the way we know it, fast fashion, brings us to buy disposable clothes that don’t represent who we are.

Wearing something made with natural fibres and care means choosing our physical and mental well-being. ‘Cause surrounding ourselves with beauty makes us feel good, don’t you think?

Learning how to sew was kind of a revelation to me. Yes, I literally fell in love! I realised how much good energy there is behind a handmade garment and I got to know myself better in the process. Through what I choose to wear.

That’s what “Sew your style, wear your dreams” means: the idea of wearing something that makes you feel yourself. I made a mission out of this promoting a different way of thinking about fashion, a slow and sustainable way where you’re the one who chooses consciously, whether it is a handmade dress or a sewing pattern for a DIY wardrobe.
I believe we have the power to change our shopping habits going for a more sustainable and conscious way of buying clothes.
We can no longer disregard this matter: our planet deserves better and we deserve better. Sustainability is a path made of everyday choices. This is why I chose to make all my creations using only natural fibres and caring for every little detail.

Quality wins over quantity and allows us to wear clothes with a good story to tell. Plus, with my easy-to-use sewing patterns people can learn how to sew their own clothes bringing sustainability to the next level. Cherry on the cake is a retro taste inspired to the ‘50s and ‘60s but with a modern twist. It celebrates your femininity with no ostentation for a unique style, just like you.