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Slow fashion: 6 ways of building a fairer wardrobe

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In my last blog post I told you about Fast Fashion and its impact on our planet, on our lives. That’s right: you, me, we’re all involved in the effects of the fashion industry! Numbers speak for themselves, we’ve seen stories putting environment and people’s lives at risk and all this can no longer wait to gather our attention.

That’s why Slow Fashion was born, as the result of the realization that fashion has a true, hidden cost which is not the one on the tag (about that, have you seen the documentary The True Cost?). In this post I’ll share with you 6 ways of building a fairer wardrobe and embracing a more sustainable way of living!

But what is slow fashion?

Slow Fashion is a different way of doing fashion putting together quality, ethics and sustainability.

Quality over quantity” that’s the motto of Slow Fashion to be more conscious about the way we shop, paying attention to quality of fabric and manufacturing. The result? Clothes that live a long and prosper life in your wardrobe, that do not end up forgotten or thrown away after one season. Clothes made of biodegradable fabrics with a low environmental impact that make you feel good when wearing them.

An ethical fashion puts human rights first. It cares about safeness, dignity and wellness of its workers and says no to child labour. An ethical fashion doesn’t put people’s lives at risk just for money.

A sustainable fashion uses raw materials and has manufacturing processes which do not damage the environment and are respectful or our planet.

The fashion revolution: a global movement

On April 24th, 2013, an 8-story commercial building containing clothing factories collapsed Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing more than 1000 peopleand injuring more than 2500. The building was not build for an industrial use and was declared unsafe, nevertheless workers were forced to go to work on the day of the tragedy. The building collapsed under the vibrations of heavy machinery producing garments for brands such as Primark, Benetton and Mango.

That’s how the Fashion Revolution was born as a global movement aiming at a greater transparency in the production policies of the fashion industry to promote a fairer and more sustainable fashion. On their official website you can read and sign their Manifesto and join their campaign to change the world of fashion.

Every year in April, on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, Fashion Revolution organizes the Fashion Revolution Week, a week dedicated to sustainable fashion in which, as consumers, we are all encouraged to ask brands #whomademyclothes to demand greater transparency in producers’ supply chain.

This means that you and I, we can play an active role in this revolution and spread the idea of a fairer and safer fashion industry.

6 ways of building a fairer wardrobe

OK, we’re now convinced Fast Fashion is not a good solution and we should gradually convert to a more sustainable fashion. But how can we practically do that?

Here are a few suggestions:

Buy less but invest your money in clothes made with care and with quality, possibly eco-friendly, fabrics.

Choose brands whose supply chain is cleanand transparent with no negative impact on society or environment.

Keep up with the Fast and Slow fashion worlds: information is key to make more conscious choices as consumer.

Share the culture
of wearing sustainable clothes, taking part in national or international campaigns like the Fashion Revolution Week.

Learn how to easily refashion what’s in your closet turning it into something new…it’s called upcycling and it’s fun! (check out my dedicated Pinterest board to find inspiration)

Shop handmade clothing: you’ll always have unique garments with a special story to tell.

The yellow peg embraces slow fashion!

I truly began to understand what Slow Fashion meant when I started making it.

Because there’s been a time when I used to buy disposable clothes from big chains which, after a away, felt just wrong.
And there’s something I’m pretty sure about: with fashion, more than anything, you get what you pay for.

That’s why I founded The Yellow Peg: to create my own alternative to Fast Fashion.

Do you know the english expression Shopping off the peg? It means shopping from big chains where everything is industrially-made with no care. The Yellow Peg stands for the opposite, promoting a quality version of fashion where everything is handmade with passion and care and with fabrics coming from 100% natural fibres.

My own slow fashion

Embracing Slow Fashion means living up to a commitment: offering you unique creations, entirely handmade and representing who you really are. I tell you more about this here (link a pagina moda sostenibile). Do you want to find out more about my creations? Take a peek at my shop!

Thank you for reading this post series, I wish you to find your own way of embracing sustainability as living slow is great!



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