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My word of the year: how I chose it and why

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Do you believe words have something magic to them?

Sapete, di quando le ripetete ancora e ancora nella vostra testa finché non acquisiscono il potere di un mantra.

I don’t know if having your word of the year is going to change your life, but I do believe in the symbolic power of words. So this year, for the first time, I decided to play this game and choose my own word of the year.

And it wasn’t easy.

Well, you know, more than 200.000 words in the Italian dictionary sound like a lot to me. Plus, it’s not like any word would work. You’d like it to enclose plans, dreams and hope for a whole year ahead. So you get the point, right? Not easy at all.

Anyhow, I thought about it over and over and over again trying to find the one word which could bring together everything I hope for in 2018.

Eventually I got it and today I’ll tell you how and why.

My word of the year: how I chose it and why

So, I was looking for my word but there was no way. “How about this one?” “Nah!”, “How about that one instead?”, “No, not really” and so on and so forth until that day at the beginning of 2018 when I finally found her. Or better, it’s more like she found me!

I was having a walk with my husband in the mountains, we were walking under the snow and I was having so much fun jumping on that soft and white cloud (yes, snow turns me into a 3-year old – no kidding!). I was telling him about this “word of the year” thing, how I wanted to choose one but I couldn’t find it yet, how important was for it to reflect my expectations for this year, how I would have liked to take things easy, with more calm, learning how to let things just go when it comes to dealing with mean people.

I was talking and talking and looking all around and everything was white and soft and chilly and… light.

So suddenly… BOOM! There she is. My word of the year, in all her imprecise perfection:
(and I’m writing her big so you see how important she is – yes, she)


Because yes, that’s what I need the most. Lightness in the spirit. A light soul. Lightness in my thoughts – always too many and too crowded. Lightness in facing everyday’s challenges and knowing that, no matter what, is going to be alright. Always. Lightness in dealing with injustices, bad things happening, people’s contradictions trying to always be true to ourselves, thinking that in this world there’s also the good and the right.

A light heart so that it’s always open to the most important thing ever: love.

As for the rest, panta rhei.


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