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My story


I’m Simona, founder of The Yellow Peg.

My career as fashion designer has definitely started in an unconventional way.
I’m a computer scientist with a PhD in artificial vision. Yeah, I know. That’s pretty weird.

One life is just not enough to waste it in things that don’t make you happy, though.

But let’s take a step back.
Once upon a time there was a kid who used to spent her time with her granny watching her sew and embroider. No, I didn’t care much about learning how to sew, I was more interested in the next dress grandma would sew for my Barbie. Creativity has always been my thing: I used to write poems, I liked drawing but I never ever would have thought I could do more than hemming a pair of trousers.

About 20 years later, when I lived in Genoa, Italy and I had a research job, my mom bought me my first sewing machine. It stayed in the garage for a whole year before I decided to bring it home: it was November 2014 and I wanted something special for my Christmas gifts.
Well, I never put it away.

2015 began with my experiments in the world of dressmaking. I had always wished to be able to sew my own clothes but up until then it was more of a lost chance than an actual opportunity. You know when you say “I wish I knew how to…”? Yep, that was me!

But life has its own ways of making things happen silently reading what’s in your heart, so I started learning how to sew. In less than six months I already had five skirts, one jacket, two dresses, three t-shirts and one blouse in my closet. All handmade by me.

So I realised that investing some more energies on this strange adventure called sewing was not a bad idea, after all. I joined online sewing and pattermaking classes, I bought many books and I studied and practiced everytime I could in my spare time: after work, during the weekends and holidays. And at nightime, of course.

Meanwhile my job as a researcher turned into something that didn’t make me excited anymore. I didn’t like the behind the scenes of an academic career, that just wasn’t me. I felt trapped into someone else’s life. It was time for a change.

They say big life-changing events happen around 30. Well, that worked for me. At that moment it became clear to me what my new path had to be. Well, it surely is a bit scary to turn your life upside down and start from scratch. But I had the feeling this was calling me, who was I not to pick up the call?

So that’s how The Yellow Peg was born. My universe made of ideas, needle, thread and passion.

I hope you like it as much as I do.