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Home-office: how to build a low-budget craft room

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How many of you guys got used to sew in the living room and has got a craft table which is a unique combination of breakfast, homework, laptop and (why not) ironing table?! Sounds familiar? Well, here we had dinner on the sofa for months because our dining table was literally taken over by my sewing stuff! But in the new house I finally managed to have my own craft room, so never ever putting the sewing machine aside to make room for our meal!

And as one of the first requirements for The Yellow Peg’s new home-office was to be low-cost, we had to get creative to build a nice and functional craft room for less than 250€. Not bad, uh?! So keep reading as in this post you’re going to find out all the details!

1 Why just one table when you can have two?

Drafting patterns, cutting fabric, sewing: how amazing is this passion of ours! But how much space do we need for all that? Patternmaking just requires a sharp pencil and an eraser but also… tons of paper! We need a roomy table where our drafts can lay comfortably. Also, it can take several hours which, on a standard table, equals 100% chance of a bad back pain. Well, maybe many of you don’t really draft their own patterns, but if you’re sew-addicts just like I am you must have bought, traced and sewed so many of them! This is definitely something you can’t do while sitting on a chair and a traditional table doesn’t make it comfortable at all.

So what? You say. Here’s my solution: a brilliant IKEA hack! We will get creative with some low-budget Ikea products resulting in a wonderful cutting & drafting (or whatever you want to use it for!) craft table. Mine is 90 cm tall (as most kitchen worktops) and measures 93 x 126 cm, so that you can work in a standing position without having to bend over the table (and your back will thank you for that!). And how about having plenty of space for our fabric arsenal? This table has got all the space you want, not only for fabrics, thanks to the 3 shelving units. And for sewing patterns and other large things that cannot fit in usual spaces? How would you like a secret compartment underneath the table top to use just for that?

Well, check out this post for all the details about the project and the step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own! And now let’s continue my home-office tour…

I know, I know, I mentioned a 2-table solution and you must be wondering: how about table number two? Well, that’s the sewing table, where you keep your sewing machine (and serger, if you have one). As I was looking for budget solutions, I opted for Ikea’s Linnmon table top (the 120 x 60 cm version, 20€) paired with the Adils legs (4 x 3€). While I’d say a 60 cm depth is enough for sewing (you actually often need less space), 120 cm might be barely enough if you decide to line up both your sewing machine and your serger on the table. But since I didn’t have any more space than that, I had to adjust. Anyhow, I’m able to use both the sewing machine and the serger without the need of moving them around, so that’s OK!

If you have a bigger room, perhaps you can opt for a slightly bigger table top. The Linnmon one comes also in the 150 x 75 cm (25€) and 200 x 60 cm (35€) sizes.

I have to admit I was a bit concerned about the stability because of the vibrations of my overlock machine, but it seems to be working just fine.

Of course, for your sewing table you can choose any solution you wish, including more fancy or expensive ones! Just think always about ergonomics: you shouldn’t be forced to seat in awkward postures to get your work done! I would also suggest you buy an adjustable chair, so that you can get your own optimal height. For other tips about sewing ergonomics check out this post on Craftsy.

The last thing you definitely want to have in your craft room is a place where to keep all your sewing tools in order to have them readily available when you need them. I chose the lovely Raskog trolley in a turquoise colour (49€, also available in beige and dark grey). It has three shelves and an ideal size: I was able to store everything from my sewing arsenal comfortably and so that it’s super-easy to find.

As you may have noticed from the top picture, I also bought the Nilserik stool by Ikea (39,99€) or, as they call it, standing support. I thought it would have been useful for my longer sessions at the drafting table as the height is adjustable to match 90 cm table tops. I have to say I’m not sure it was a good choice after all: when I tried the stool at the Ikea store it felt really comfortable, but mine has a very stiff seat and I really think there are much better solutions for dynamic seating (but they are definitely not suitable if you’re on a budget!).

2 Make it yours.

Did you buy and build everything for your brand-new craft room? Now it’s time to make it yours! There are thousands of lovely diy solutions to decorate your sewing room just in the style you mostly like. As the yellow peg’s creations are vintage-inspired i decided some retro fashion prints would have been just perfect to decorate my walls. These are actually a birthday gift and come from an old german fashion magazine dating back to the 50s. This way, whenever i need some inspiration it’s just hanging right there!

I also needed a desk lamp for my nighttime sewing and again i had fun with another ikea hack: the Frosta lamp. Isn’t it just lovely? That’s a super-easy 30′ diy project: you just need ikea’s frosta stool (9,99€), some fabric-covered lamp cord, a lamp kit (socket & switch), a light bulb (the old-style ones are perfect for this lamp!) And a drill. I made some changes to the original project as i found the lamp base to be too big for my sewing table, so i secured the lamp directly to the linnmon table top using a couple of long screws. Alternatively you can also transform it into a clamp light, if you don’t want it to be fixed.

Now, how could I use the spare Frosta stool seat? How about a DIY The Yellow Peg logo? 🙂

Well, the possibilities to customise your craft room are just endless, you just need a bit of creativity… or perhaps you could find some inspiration following my Pinterest board 🙂

That’s all for today’s post about my home-office, and how about yours? Do you usually work in a common space or you finally managed to conquer your own craft room? Did you use any interesting Ikea hack you’d like to share? What decor style do you like the most?

Can’t wait to hear your comments so post them right below!

Ciao ciao!

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