Are you in love with ‘50s circle skirts? You can help but giving your outfits that unique retro taste? Then the skirts by TYP/Clothing are just for you. Skirts celebrate femininity but we shouldn’t give up  on comfort when we wear them. My skirt designs are the perfect balance between past and modernity to give your outfits a vintage style while being perfectly comfortable wearing them. The circle skirt is the perfect example: a full, feminine skirt highlighting your waistline and gently flowing down your curves. A touch of elegance that is still comfortable to wear, even riding a bike!

Pick your own style

Circle skirts are surely a great classic but if you don’t fancy full skirts and you’d rather wear more linear shapes then in my shop you’ll find something just for you too. TYP/Clothing line also includes the tulip style: an evolution of the pencil skirt more comfy to wear and with little pleats on the right spots to conceals those little flaws. And never to give up on the retro taste you’ll also have the wide high-waist waistband enriched with buttons.

Play mix and match to create the outfit perfect for you

The skirts of the line TYP/Clothing are made with natural fabrics favouring solid colours and more classic prints, such as stripes, which make them super easy to match. They’ll become a staple in your wardrobe! Who said stripes are not good with florals or polka dots? Play mix and match with the skirts and the blouses of TYP/Clothing collection creating every time a different style which is only yours. One of the best features of the skirts you find in my shop is versatility: you can wear them with high heels to make for an elegant outfit or opt for flats for more of a casual everyday style.