TYP/Clothing is a clothing  line handmade with natural fibres and a vintage inspiration. The retro taste reinterpreted with a modern twist makes for clothes and accessories that you can comfortably wear in your everyday life. Each one of the TYP/Clothing creations has a unique, original design and it’s entirely handmade in my studio in the heart of Verona, Italy. Choosing the right fabrics is so important to me to make my clothing line sustainable and to focus on a person’s well being. For this reason both the garments and the accessories are made only with high-quality natural fabrics and with an extreme care for details. I work in small quantities always to offer you creations that are both special and unique.

Create your perfect retro outfit

TYP/Clothing includes blouses, skirts, trousers and so much more to mix and match to create a different look every time based on your desires. Blouses, shirts and tops are usually made in printed cottons matching solid colour-pants and skirts for you to choose the perfect outfit for every occasion. For instance blouses and tops are perfect for a dressy style, when paired with high heels and high-waisted skirts, as well as for more of a casual look when matched with my retro trousers. And if you like the minimal, versatile and original looks you can opt for the ‘50s-inspired swing dresses or for the tunics or A-line dresses with or without collar  if you like looser styles better. Last but not least, you’ll love the jackets and coats by TYP/Clothing, perfect to give your outfits an unmistakable vintage taste. Loose and comfortable to wear, the outerwear you find in my shop are bound to last for a long time. From water-resistant jackets perfect for mid-seasons to 100% wool Winter coats, it’ll seem like you’re travelling back in time in timeless tailored look.

Finish your look with a vintage-inspired accessory

The accessories by TYP/Clothing are bound to give your outfits that little touch with their original designs and a unique style. Choose between ‘50s-inspired headbands and cloche hats inspired to the 1920s and pair them with some lovely woolen mittens during the Winter season. And for men, get inspired by the TYP4Men accessory line: ties, bow-ties and fingerless gloves inspired to the Hipster style perfect to turn a boring dressy look into something modern while enjoying the old-time tailored quality.