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It’s Simona here, founder of The Yellow Peg: the place where all your fashion dreams become true!

How it all began…

My motto is Sew your style, wear your dreams as I believe fashion doesn’t have to be someone else’s statement, just ours. Aren’t you tired of shopping off the peg? I am!
Shopping used to be a pretty frustrating matter until the magic of sewing revealed to me… and I fell in love!

I’m done with compromising: “this isn’t exactly what I was picturing but, you know, the price is OK, so I guess…“. Enough! No more trade-offs, no more second-thoughts! Ta-daaaaa!

So this is why I founded The Yellow Peg in the first place. It all started with a sewing blog, as everybody deserves the chance to know that making your own clothes is not dark magic, it’s something you can easily learn with a little effort, some patience and a lot of passion. Those are the only ingredients you need!

and after a while…

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to take a step further and start my new adventure as a fashion designer.
It was time to pick my clothes off the right peg!
That’s how The Yellow Peg became an online shop too: the place where to find my vintage-inspired clothing and accessories entirely designed and handmade in my workshop, in the heart of Verona, Italy.
Here, you can play mix&match with customisable creations: you’re the one who decides what best matches who you really are to make fashion your personal statement.

A little about me…

You never know where life’s paths may lead you. I’m the living example of that!

They say big life changes often happen around 30. Well… they might be right.

I got my master in computer science engineering and then a PhD in computer vision and machine learning. “Wow”, pleople usually say. Well, it’s “wow” until it’s not! Sometimes you just feel like what you do doesn’t push you forward anymore and you’re kinda stuck. That’s how I felt. So I decided it was time for a change.

When I was a kid I used to spend time at my grandma’s house. She was sewing and embroidering most of the time, when houseworks were done. She could sew anything for anyone, including my Barbie! I used to seat and watch her working. I never thought I would have ended up doing more than a hem on a pair of trousers.

Then my mom bought me a sewing machine. It stayed in the storage for almost one year until I decided it was time to think about some handmade Christmas gifts. There we go! I never put it back to where it was. I started to learn how to sew my own clothes in January. Less than 6 months later I already had 5 skirts, one jacket, 2 dresses, 3 tops and one blouse in my wardrobe. All made by me. I started taking sewing and patternmaking classes, buying books and learning as much as I could in my spare time, after work, during weekends and holidays. At nighttime too. In less than 9 months I was able to design my first ceremony dress in a 1950s vintage style. Oh yeah, did I forget to say I love vintage?

At some point it was just clear to me that this was my new path. It’s a bit scary to leave what you’ve been studying for your entire life for something totally new, starting from scratch. But I had the feeling this was calling me, who was I not to pick up the phone?

And here I am, growing The Yellow Peg. Hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

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